ECL offers cost effective and timely Logistics, customs clearing and forwarding services for sea, road and air shipments in Nairobi, Mombasa and within the region. We provide the full range of customs clearing, international freight forwarding services and Express Logistics. We have adopted business processes and systems that inter-phase with third party systems notably the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Customs ERP and that of key airlines and shipping lines. Our personnel maintain daily contact with the various Government Departments, while the company is online interfacing with the relevant authorities allowing for the completion of customs clearance processes in the shortest possible time. Choosing ECL assures you of accurate, speedy and efficient customs clearance and freight forwarding.


ECL Import Service Desk based at our Offices has proven to improve communication with customers on exact shipment status and/or follow-up on shipment status. This unique group specializes in strictly handling matters pertaining to dutiable parcel imports and other specific import shipment enquiries. ECL recognized the importance of managing a smooth flow of documentation involving the physical movement of packages to enhance customs clearance as well as maintain regular update to importers.

We offer a “one-stop-shop” for our clients and in coordination with Customs and Excise Department, we have established a link with Customs Department network. Which is faster and enables the Customs officers within our facility to access the consignments as well as paperwork.


The security of ECL consignments is greatly enhanced due to the physical location of the warehouses. There is reliable handling of customer’s consignments as Sealed ECL containers are delivered directly into the ECL location that is recorded by the Latest digital closed-circuit television monitoring services. Furthermore, there is a heavy presence of customs within our facility coupled with speed and efficiency of departure or arrival of the materials as well as reliable connections and delivery of all consignments.


100 % focus on business ethics, Principles and organizational SOP’s is our way to efficient handling and timely shipments. This comes from streamlining the channels and being a robust link to ensure a better’ TAT’ (turn-around time), low inventory holding cost and timely delivery.

We are dedicated to providing an even more easy and cost effective way of communications with pre-arranged collection days and times, depending on your specific requirements. This will save any organization from spending valuable time and money making Telephone calls.